What does REG44 do?

REG44 is the only national register connecting a network of professionals working independently undertaking inspection and monitoring visits under Regulation 44 of The Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015 with public and private registered children’s home providers.

The only searchable Regulation 44 Visitor national database

REG44 is the only searchable national database with registered independent Regulation 44 Visitors in every county in England!


Some FAQs

Providers of children’s homes are now required to appoint someone completely independent of the organisation and the day-to-day running of the home or any other home in the organisation and to ensure they regularly make new appointments of such persons. Anyone that is part of the organisation will no longer be accepted as suitable to undertake the task. Persons who have any interest in the running of the home, care planning, finance or administration will not be eligible to undertake Regulation 44 visits. Given the need to appoint an Independent Person, REG44 has put together this national register of Independent Regulation 44 Visitors to connect them with registered Children’s Home providers.

Yes and No! REG44 is a service provided by RRC, an independent provider working in health and social care since 2003. REG44 was set up to provide completely independent Regulation 44 visiting services to registered children’s home providers and build a national database of independent (freelance) independent Regulation 44 visitors.
REG44 provides a searchable online database that connects independent Regulation 44 Visitors to Children’s Home providers. There are numerous providers currently offering this service including RRC! REG44 recognises that registered children’s home providers in some cases want to be able to commission and contract with independent (freelance) Regulation 44 visitors directly. REG44 provides complete impartiality and independence in the recruitment and selection process of Regulation 44 Visitors.

The future of REG44

REG44 is a developing service and in time will offer a range of services to both registered children’s home providers and independent Regulation 44 visitors such as the ability to complete a DBS check, secure portal for exchange of confidential information, good practice guidelines and much more.

Need help finding the right independent regulation 44 visitor?

Email with your Children’s home information: info@regulation44.local