Regulation & Guidance Requirements

Regulation and guidance does not dictate the exact requirements in terms of training and experience of people undertaking the role of Regulation 44 Visitor. However it is widely expected that you will have already undertaken this role either in a Local Authority setting or as part of an independent children’s home network. You must have an excellent understanding of children’s home legislation, national minimum standards, guidance and regulations and be able to demonstrate experience of working in a quality assurance and or management function in relation to children’s residential services.

Regulation 44 Skill Requirements

The role requires considerable skill in auditing and inspection, communication and analysis and the ability to relate to children and young people in a variety of residential settings with differing needs. You are expected to write a report that will cover your visits and usually follow an agreed format by the children’s home provider. This report is sent to the registered provider of the home and to Ofsted. Regulation 44 Visitors will make suggestions and recommendations on practice and how services to children and young people can continue to be improved.

Regulation 44 Experience Levels

While the majority of people registering with REG44 will have prior experience of undertaking a Regulation 44 (previously Regulation 33) visiting role, many others will be suited to this role that have the necessary attributes, skills and experience discussed above. REG44 does not influence the selection of Regulation 44 Visitors and cannot offer any personal advice to individuals seeking to work as Regulation 44 visitors. Changes to the regulations will inevitably result in a greater demand for independent Regulation 44 Visitors (The Children’s Home (England) Regulations 2015).

Need help finding the right independent regulation 44 visitor?

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